2022–2023 Annual Report

El Matador State Beach

Our Mission

California State Parks Foundation is an independent, member-supported nonprofit dedicated to protecting and preserving the California state park system, for the benefit of all.

Our Vision

Californians have a state park system that is​ accessible and relevant, adequately and sustainably​ funded, and stewarded for future generations.  

Our Values

A Bigger Tent: Just like a camping tent that accommodates more people, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. We believe that by coming together and embracing diversity, we create a stronger and more vibrant community where everyone can thrive.

Future Forward: Our guiding compass, we embrace the boldness to push boundaries, stand firm in our convictions, and adapt to change. We fearlessly confront challenges, remaining steadfast in our commitment to our vision, and continuously seek innovation.

Connections Create Results: Through collective action, we pool our resources and align our efforts toward a common goal, amplifying our impact and making a real difference. We understand that no significant achievement can be accomplished alone, but can be through the power of connecting with others.

Celebrate California: We honor the exceptional beauty of our state, while also protecting and highlighting all that is unique about California's state parks. We believe that nature is a source of wonder and awe, and the outdoors offer endless inspiration.

An aerial view of Lake Tahoe with blue water and evergreen trees growing along a hill. There's in island in the middle of the bay and a few boats in the water.

Emerald Bay State Park

For over 50 years, California State Parks Foundation has been the leading statewide voice in advocating for a sustainably funded state park system, access to parks for all, and enduring park protection. In 2022-2023, we did important strategic visioning work to usher that legacy into the future.  

We envision a future where Californians have a state park system that is accessible and relevant, adequately and sustainably funded, and stewarded for future generations. To realize this vision, every program, every initiative, and every action we take at California State Parks Foundation follows an intentional through-line that extends and amplifies our in-the-field learnings, model programs, and innovative solutions to influence policy and funding decisions in Sacramento. Our new strategic plan, launched this year, lays out the actions we will take over the next three years. 

Our five focus areas — defending parks, developing solutions, building a movement, strengthening operational excellence, and enhanced governance — will deepen the impact and capacity of the organization to protect and preserve the California state park system.We've also committed to creating a bigger tent, ensuring that our work centers the needs and values of California’s most marginalized communities. We’re proud of this commitment and have started off well, serving as a network-builder and funder. 

Whenever we visit state parks, we are struck with the dedication of the people who work in parks, and with the park system’s sincere efforts to provide a high-quality and meaningful visitor experience. Still, there are critical issues for us to address, this year and the years beyond, to make the system serve Californians even better. These issues include a changing climate that threatens our beaches, forests, rivers, and world-renowned biodiversity; concerns that not all Californians have equitable access to state parks; and chronic underfunding that has made maintenance and staffing issues more visible and widespread.

At the same time, we see a bright future for state parks. In recent memory, there hasn’t been another moment like this one, with such big challenges and big opportunities on the horizon. Unlike some previous leaders, Governor Newsom has prioritized parks with key investments in climate resilience and access. The State Assembly has created a new Select Committee on State Parks, further elevating the needs and contributions of state parks. With the support of the Governor, the Legislature, and the vision and commitment of the people of the state park system, we believe big things are possible.

A photo of Rachel Norton smiling in front of greenery.

Rachel Norton

Executive Director

A photo of Birt Johnson, Jr. smiling in front of greenery.

Birt Johnson, Jr.

Board Chair

A small purple flower grows in the middle of the desert.

Climate Resilience

Building climate-resilient parks and communities

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Climate Resilience Badge

We are using the best available science and research to learn deeply about climate threats and solutions, educate Californians and the Legislature, inspire people to take action, and ultimately influence policy and legislation that prioritizes the communities most impacted by climate change.

A young child shows their parent a seashell on the beach.

Access and Experiences

Opening California’s parklands for everyone to enjoy

Point Dume State Beach

Access and Experiences Badge

While California state parks are public spaces, many people cannot access or experience them. Barriers to park access include lack of transportation, cost of visiting, lack of awareness of parks or the activities they offer, closures, and more. Though we are working to reduce these barriers, this is just the beginning of the effort to ensure that every Californian feels welcome in and can enjoy state parks.

Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin shakes hands with California State Parks Foundation staff member Samantha Joseph in a meeting in her office at Park Advocacy Day. Two other people stand in the background of the meeting laughing.

Park Excellence

Fighting for a fully funded state park system

Park Advocacy Day 2023

Park Excellence Badge

Sufficient staffing, adequate funding, and effective park policies are critical to ensuring a thriving state park system. We work to achieve park excellence by fighting for a fully funded California state park system and by creating thriving partnership programs so that state parks can benefit from all the work of nonprofit partners.

A group of volunteers posing for a picture on a coastal bluff. Some are raising their pick axes in the air in celebration.

Park Stewardship

Doing the work to make state parks work

Fort Ord Dunes State Park

Park Stewardship Badge

By expanding park staff’s capacity, volunteers help overcome resource constraints and carry out essential tasks such as trail maintenance, habitat restoration, planting, and more. Their involvement fosters community engagement and connection, spreading awareness and inspiring others to appreciate and protect these natural and cultural treasures.

A map of California with icons marking locations across the state

Our Impact

Our impact on California state parks is felt from Tolowa Dunes State Park in the north to Border Field State Park in the south, and everywhere in between. We help California’s parklands thrive by funding key projects through grants, helping the ecosystem hands on through volunteer workdays, holding endowments that provide long-term financial support for parks, and more. Check out some of the projects we completed in California state parks this year!


Contributed revenue by category 2022-2023

California State Parks Foundation’s revenue for the fiscal year was $9.5 million. Of that total, California State Parks Foundation received significant support through gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations for our work.*

*Contribution data is unaudited. California State Parks Foundation’s 2022-2023 audited financial statements will be posted online when available at calparks.org/financials, where you can also find financial and annual reports from previous years.

A pie chart of Contributed Revenue by Category

Individuals 62%

Legacy Gifts 10%

Foundation 8%

Corporate Gifts 15%

Donated Goods and Services 5%

Expenses by category 2022-2023

California State Parks Foundation’s expenses for the fiscal year were $9.4 million. Expenses reflect the work of California State Parks Foundation throughout the year to protect and preserve parks broken down by programming, fundraising, and administration.

A pie chart of Expenses by Category

Program 71%

Fundraising 23%

Administration 6%




Individual Contributions

Member Dues Contributions

Corporate Contributions

Legacy Gifts

Donated Goods & Services

Foundation Grants

Investment, Net

Earned Revenue

Total Revenues





Total Expenses

Change in Net Assets

$ 1,437,150








$ 9,575,453




$ 9,432,788

$ 142,665

STATEMENT OF Financial Position



Current Assets

Cash and Equivalents

Restricted Money Market Accounts



Prepaids and Other Current Assets

Current Assets

Long-Term Assets


Property Plant and Equipment, Net

Due to/from Other Funds

Other Long-Term Assets

Long-Term Assets

Total Assets

Liabilities and Net Assets


Current Liabilities

Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses

Deferred Revenues

Current Liabilities

Long-Term Liabilities

Total Liabilities

Net Assets

Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$ 4,579,030.40





$ 8,272,120.51

$ 7,933,433.82




$ 8,009,601.39

$ 16,281,721.90

$ 374,912.65


$ 407,053.75


$ 1,493,015.92

$ 14,788,705.98

$ 16,281,721.90

Donors by Decade

Over the past five decades, you’ve helped us grow into the flourishing organization we are today. Your continuous support allows us to fund vital programs for parks and people, and we are so grateful to have you in our circle of support.

A graphic of the rings of a tree stump showing a darker outer ring for each decade of donors at the California State Parks Foundation

5+ Decades

4 Donors

4 Decades

76 Donors

3 Decades

4,112 Donors

2 Decades

12,395 Donors

1 Decade

15,157 Donors

Started Giving This Year

14,767 Donors

A tall redwood tree is surrounded by sorrel plants at the roots.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Connections Create Results

Each accomplishment we make is the success of a team. Beyond the hard work of our staff and board, we are supported by a vast network of peers in our parks community who are aligned with our mission. Our community shows up at advocacy days at the Capitol, helps us at volunteer workdays, and gives us insight into the on-the-ground happenings in California’s 280 state parks. We value the reciprocity of these relationships and know that our parks are better when we work together. California State Parks Foundation is deeply grateful to the partners we’ve had the chance to work with over the past fiscal year:

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Anahuak Youth Sports Association Logo
Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association Logo
Boosters of Old Town Logo
calaveras big trees association logo
california mountain biking association logo
california native plant society logo
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california state parks logo
chino hills state park interpretive association lol
coastside state parks association logo
crystal cove conservancy logo
disabled hikers logo
Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition Logo


fort ross conservancy logo
the friends of china camp logo
friends of lakes folsom & natrona logo
friends of sutter's fort logo
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los angeles river state park partners logo
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South Yuba River League Logo
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Student Conservation Association Logo

Note: We collaborate in various capacities with numerous organizations across California, in both significant and small ways, not all of which can be represented here. We hold sincere appreciation for each partner with whom we cross paths.

A California quail is standing in a field of purple flowers.

Thanks for joining us in the 2022–2023 fiscal year!

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